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We were voted a Top 50 Law Firm in 2014 & 2015.

 Let’s do it again in 2016!

We are proud to be nominees again in 2016 and would really like your vote.

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Free giveaways Today!

Free Giveaways Today!

Free giveaways Today!
Free giveaways Today!

FM 99.3 from 12:00pm today.
Free giveaways Today! I will be talking with radio host John Eussen and giving away free stuff from local businesses to listeners who call in. Or you can just tune in and listen to us talk and play music.

Tune in to 99.3FM today 12:30pm to hear your local lawyer.

2NSB North Shore's 99.3FM
North Shore’s 99.3FM

Your Crows Nest Lawyer will be a guest on ‘Eussen Living’  on FM 99.3 from 12:30pm today (Friday 4 September). We’ll be talking about Communties, Not for Profit organisations and business.

  • Can communities work with business for social change?
  • How do not for profits work?
  • The latest new initiative from Crows Nest: ‘Business North Shore’.
  • What it means for your local community.

Eric Kalde – the Crows Nest Lawyer.

Eric Kalde in the studio North Shore's 99.3FM
Eric Kalde (front) in the studio North Shore’s 99.3FM